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Leisure activities

Events in Jena

In your holiday apartment you will find actual infomations about events in Jena and the surrounding area.

Places of interest in Jena

Jena has a large number of architectonical sights, museums, a planetarium and the botanical garden. We recommend the following museums:
  • Optical museum - history of optics in and around Jena, connected with the names of Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe. There you will find the largest connection of eyeglasses in Europe. ATTENTION! At the moment the optical museum is closed for reconstruction. We give you an information, if it's reopened.
  • Pyletical museum - museum of theory of evolution
  • Romantikerhaus - museum of literature of the Jena early romanticism
  • Stadtmuseum - museum of history of Jena, art collection, galerie of modern art
  • Schott-Glasmuseum - history of products and technology of glass production in Jena
  • Imaginata - Opened in Summer, points of phenomenons of natural sience, represented in a playfull way and with hands-on experiences

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Right from your apartment there are 2 ways directly to the Landgrafen. There is a restaurant and a look-out tower (opened on weekends). From the Landgrafen you have some hiking possibilities
- to the North with some look-outs at Jena to Löbstedt, there you can return by tram
- to the West across the Napoleonstein to Cospeda, there is a museum 1806 (battle near Jena and Auerstedt between Prussia and France)
- to the West along the Sonnenberge to the restaurant and brewery Papiermühle. There you can return by bus.

Known hiking routes, which aren't starting directly at your front door, are
- Jenzig - Hufeisen - Kunitzburg - Kunitz - Erlkönig - Jenzig
- Hausberg (Fuchsturm) - Steinkreuz - Ziegenhain
- Kernberghorizontale (there is a yearly international running event, the "Kernberglauf")

Bicycle paths

Jena is situated on two long-distance cycle paths

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